Double Quit

Double Quit helps you quit Big Business Client when it is disconnected from Server.

Still, you may need to Force Quit or End Task on your Big Business Client. New Networking allows it to remain "connected" during Sleep. If your computer wakes and Big Business Server has been offline or the network has changed, it may be unresponsive.

Double Quit works when you Big Business Client is responsive but cancels your instruction to Quit because there are unsaved records. Double Quit lets you quit again.

  Remember Server

Remember Server lets you choose for all Clients or your Client how to connect, or not.

To start Big Business Client will search on your local network for Big Business Server. Once you connect, it will remember the Server and connect again automatically, faster.

You can override this in Company Prefs for all Clients, or My Prefs for your Client to support multiple locations, multiple servers, or any custom configuration for security.

  Connect Options

Connect Options help you connect your computers quickly and easily, wherever used.

When you start Big Business Client on your local network where Big Business Server is running, it will automatically connect. For other connections, there are more options.

You might connect remotely, to a remote or cloud server, to a second server, and so on. For each, there are supported options to help make all your connections easy and fast.

  Secure Server

Big Business encrypts all Client connections.

Secure Server is now seamless and set by default.

This Solution describes this option. (7030)

Big Business 12.17 updates default settings for the Database to encrypt all Client connections. This setting is recommended for performance and security.

You can turn off this setting in Server by going to File/Edit, Database Settings, to the Client-Server tab and unchecking Encrypt Client-Server Communications.

This setting is optimized in Big Business 12.12 and higher. Get Info or Properties on Clients and re-install if needed.

  Custom Sleep

New Networking allows Big Business Clients to Sleep. For days. Custom Sleep lets you set how soon, in minutes, you want Sleeping Clients disconnected.

This Solution provides details for using this feature.
(6786, 31213, timeout)

To set Custom Sleep
1. Go to the Company Card to the Advanced tab.
2. Click the checkbox for Use Custom Sleep.
3. Enter a number of minutes.
4. Click OK to save changes.
5. Restart Big Business Server.

For these changes to take effect, you must restart Big Business Server.

Now when Clients connect using New Networking