Vendors in Middleware

Big Business 11.12 adds the option to include Vendors, PO's, and Bills in Middleware. This feature makes it easy to provide up to the minute vendor information to your shipping or other systems.

The Middleware Add-On is an option that allows Big Business to synchronize data with an external data source (MySQL) where it can be more readily accessed, repurposed, and manipulated.

This Solution provides details for use. (6797)

By default the Middleware Add-On puts Sales Orders in MySQL, to be read by UPS or FedEx without exposing other data, and gets ShipInfo (Tracking, Charges, Notes) to update Big Business.

When you enable Middleware, dialogs will ask if you want to:
• Include PO's? Yes, to make your vendor PO details available
• Include Bills? Yes, to make your vendor bill details available
• Include Vendors? Yes, to make your vendor details available