Middleware and Middleware2 are options that allow Big Business to synchronize data through an external data source so it can be more readily accessed.

Big Business 10 updates Middleware adding 64-bit support and compatibility with new versions of MySQL. Big Business 10.13 updates 64-bit and secure-auth support.

Middleware provides select data to Shipping or eCommerce solutions. Security is enhanced by only providing necessary data, which you select during Setup.

Middleware2 provides complete data which is standardized and ready for warehousing or integration to another system.

This Solution provides additional details. (6579)

The Middleware Add-On copies Big Business data to an intermediary database. It comes pre-programmed to share shipping data with UPS Worldship using MySQL. Cutomization, at an additional charge, can use a another database or different data. Setup included covers Shipping Address to UPS Shipments, and Tracking and Charges back to Big Business. Optional settings allow you to include Customers, Invoices, and Items, to make them available to your other systems.

The Middleware2 Add-On is an option that allows Big Business to synchronize data with an external data source (such as MySQL) where it can be more readily accessed, repurposed, and manipulated.

Middleware2 puts all your Big Business data into MySQL and keeps it current. This converts your data into a popular format and maintains a near-perfect copy.


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