Inline Filter

Big Business Searches include an Inline Filter at the top of the list window.

Big Business 12.18 updates click speed, switching from system default to instant.

This Solution describes this feature. (6629)

Big Business Searches include an In-Line Filter at the top of the list window.

Inline Filter features include:
• Cancel - click the cancel button (x) at the right of the in-line filter to clear all entries
• Begins With - typing A above Customer Name will show results that begin with A
• Wildcard - @ matches any characters; typing @A finds all results containing A
• Comparisons - right-click to select from a list of comparison symbols such as greater-than, less-than, or equal-to

Inline Filter appears on new Search Lists that are used with Search Prefs set to Search or Live List. It does not appear on the Searches when Search Prefs is set to Classic.

Inline Filter uses the found set of records, which it then filters. If you click Find and use the Find Dialog to specify Salesperson, Is, [Your Name] this will find your invoices or customers and you can then filter by entering >0 above Balance to show only those with a positive Balance. When you click Cancel to clear the filter entries the list will return to showing all your invoices.


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