Middleware2 Connection Settings

The Middleware2 Add-On is an option that allows Big Business to synchronize data with an external data source (MySQL) where it can be more readily accessed or copied to another system. This Solution describes its connection settings (6444).

Connection Settings for the Middleware Add-On include:

• Host - enter "localhost" or an IP Address

• User - enter a user name with adequate privileges

• Password - enter the user's password

• Database - enter the name of the database you want populated

• Port (optional) - leave blank for default (3306) or enter 8889 for MAMP

• Socket - using "localhost" which is faster may require specifiying the Socket file for different distributions such as OS X Server or MAMP.

• Errors To (optional) - use the pulldown to select an Employee to receive a Note when errors occur or the initial cloning of data completes.

• Status is STARTED - Middleware2 status of STOPPED, STARTING, CLONING, and STARTED, followed by buttons to Start and Stop.

• Ignorable Errors accepts bracketed error numbers (plus any text for reference) to be excluded from error handling. Click the Comment button for larger display.

• Updating is RUNNING - Updating status of RUNNING or PAUSED, followed by Pause button if there is a need to suspend updating.



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