Bigcommerce Settings

This Solution describes entries for Bigcommerce Settings. (6511)

• Get Order Status - select the Status for Orders you would like to import

• Set Order Status - select the Status to assign to Orders that have been imported

• Customer Import - select the Import for creating and updating Customers

• Order Import - select the Import for Bigcommerce Orders

• Item Export - select the Export for updating Bigcommerce Products

• Notifications To - select the Employee to send Notes with any errors

• Last Update - Bigcommerce Timestamp for last import.

• Auto Import - checkbox to run automatically

The settings pictured will automatically import new Orders thar are Awaiting Fulfillment and change their Status to Awaiting Shipment. Using the Bigcommerce app or site you can change the Status of an Order, for example from Awaiting Payment to Awaiting Fulfillment, when you want it to be imported.


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