BigCommerce API

BigCommerce Connect allows Big Business to connect and share data with the ecommerce solution, BigCommerce. To connect Big Business needs an API Token which you create in your BigCommerce Dashobard and copy into Big Business.

This Solution describes creating an API Account with BigCommerce. (6947)

To create an API Account:
1. open your BigCommerce Dashboard
2. choose Advanced Settings
3. select API Accounts
4. click the dropdown for Create API Account
5. choose Create V2/V3 API Token
6. enter a Name like "bigbusiness"
7. copy the API Path like ""
paste this into API Path in Big Business, BigCommerce Settings and change "v3" to "v2"
8. set Customer, Orders, and Products to "Modify"
9. click Save and BigCommerce API Creditials will open
10. copy Client ID and paste into Username in BigCommerce Settings
11. copy Access Token and paste into API Token in BigCommerce Settings
12. click Done when you have copied Client ID and Access Token (only)

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