Data Connect Error Reporting

The Middleware2 Add-On is an option that allows Big Business to synchronize data with an external data source (MySQL) where it can be more readily accessed, repurposed, and manipulated. This Solution describes its error reporting (6445).

Middleware2 reports an error by sending a Note to the designated "Errors To" User with the following content:

• (1) - a counter to separate reported errors, which are limited to 100

• "Incorrect string value" - the text returned by MySQL (or "Object cloning started," a messsage from Big Business)

• [1366] - the error number returned by MySQL, bracketed

• "INSERT INTO..." - the offending query

• {Item:123} the affected Table and number of Exceptions

To handle Exceptions simply correct the entry involved. For example, the pictured error is an illegal character (smiley) in the Customer Card for "Scooters Sweet Shop :)." Changing the Customer Card will update MySQL successfully, or generate a new Error if more changes are needed.

If you need any help fixing a record, email the complete text of the Note to:

The number of Exceptions is the number of changes to problem entries. This means one problem may cause multiple Exceptions. For example, a problem Invoice will create at least three--as it is created, modified, and finally saved. In other words, fixing one entry may eliminate multiple Exceptions.