Not Notarized (Old)

Big Business 13 was not Notarized and needed to be installed using Open Anyway.

Big Business 14 is being updated and uses Disk Images for easy drag-and-drop install.

  Mac Install (New)

To install, download and open the Disk Image, then drag the program to Applications.

  Chapter 26 Web Server

Big Business 14 updates the Web Server for its primary use, connecting iPads/iPhones.

Serving customer-facing content is best done with a hardened service for web hosting, blogging, or e-commence. Big Business offers various connections to these services.

Web Server is a tool for connecting employees using iPads or iPhones, not a full Client. It is also available for allowing systems you code to access the Big Business Web API.

  macOS Monterey

Big Business 14 supports macOS Monterey as the minimum system for regular use.

Big Business 14 can run on macOS Big Sur, temporarily, to help with your Upgrade. You can put in Big Business 14, then work on replacing computers below Monterey.

Google, Monterey Install, to find it in the App Store to see if it installs on computers. You do not need to put Ventura or Sonoma on older computers for Big Business 14.

  Web Server Error

Big Business 14 can generate an error trying to run the Web Server due to permissions.

Big Business 14 Disk Image fix this problem. Please install a newer version to correct.

  Web Server Update

BigBusiness 14 updates the Web Server to automate and simplify the certificate setup.

Upgrading from BigBusiness 13, no configuration change is needed for iPad connection. If you install a new computer for BigBusiness Server 14, you may need router changes.