Web Server

Web Server is an Add-On for Big Business Server to support:
• BizApp Connect -- to connect a custom app for iPad or iPhone
• Web API -- an application programming interface

This Solution provides details. (6532)

Big Business includes a Web Server that can be set up with a few clicks to enable:
• BizApp Cloud -- sharing services for iPad / iPhone
• Lightning Web / Mobile -- Web 2.0 application
• Web API -- application programming interface

This next-generation HTTP server is a multithreaded server that is much more than a means of serving up Web pages. It serves as one of many ways of making your data available to others, and has been further modernized to bring more capabilities:
• Full Web standards support
• Improved cache management
• Native GZIP support, with automatic and programmatic compression
• A new fully-threaded architecture designed for higher scalability

That said, it is simple to set up and use. With your registration you will receive step-by-step instructions which cover:
• choosing Web Server Settings and clicking Start
• editing Employee Cards to allow access
• using the enabled service


Web Server Settings
BizApp Web Server Settings

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