Instant Upgrade

Putting new Big Business on ten or 20 computers? And, Upgrading Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook? And, Getting the newest macOS or Windows Updates?

Big Business solves common chicken-and-egg problems so you can install and instantly switch to a new version. This is designed into each Upgrade. Call to discuss.

When you are ready, put in the new version, then at your leisure, instantly switch to new versions of Microsoft Office, new macOS, or latest Windows Updates. (6974)

  Smart Inactive

Smart Inactive helps you to work with Inactive status to hide or prevent use of entries.

Big Business stops you from selling Inactive Items, even using Duplicate or an Import.
Smart Inactive makes it easy to find an switch Inactive e

  Disk Images

Disk Images help you install on your Mac using drag-and-drop, which is fast and easy.

If you are installing an Update, you might need to add to Dock, also by drag-and-drop.
Big Business Server 14 will automatically select your Data File and update the Clients.

Download a Disk Image (DMG) and double-click to open. Then, drag the Big Business 14 icon and drop it on the Applications folder icon in the disk image window to install.