BigCommerce Scopes

BigCommerce Scopes let you define access for your API account used by BigBusiness.

To use BigCommerce Connect II features to update Products your API Account must include Products in its Scope, as seen in the second account in the picture.

For security, you must create a new API Account entry to create one with new scope. Please contact if you need help with this.

  Ship To (Lookup)

Ship To is the name and address box that appears on-screen and on printouts and can be used to import text but it can also import Lookup values like an email for a Contact.

Import an Email Address to Ship To (Lookup) and BigBusiness will find the Customer or Contact, belonging to a Customer, to load their Shipping Name and Address details.

This function is extensible for custom lookups such as for large customers with Coded locations. Upload their locations as Contacts to use for automated purchasing import.

  Folder Advanced

Advanced Setting for Folder Connect let you set defaults for importing download files.

Default Customer lets you choose the customer to use for new orders for a connection.

  BigCommerce Upload

BigCommerce Upload is updated to select rows with Command-click for uploading.

Use the Find dialog and then the Filter--on the top row see "@jell"--and then clicking. Selecting just the items you want to Link-Only or Auto-Create makes it more intuitive.

Hold Command on your Mac or Ctrl on Windows to click separate rows, or hold Shift to select between two rows, or type Command-A or Ctrl-A to select all, and clik