Chapter 19 Networking

Big Business includes powerful networking options to simplify setup, connect locally or connect remotely, host on premises or host in the cloud, and much more.

Big Business Support includes unlimited setup help, configuring your accounting or your networking. You may also need professional help.

Big Business simplifies Networking.

• Secure Server - encrypts all connections, always
• Instant On - lets your computer sleep and connect instantly on wake
• New Networking - supports sleep, instant-on, and encryption
• Remote Client - lets you run Big Business Client on a remote computer
• Remote Server - lets you run Big Business Server on a remote computer or in the cloud
• Custom Sleep - lets you control when Sleeping Clients are dropped
• Client Timeout - when dropped, Big Business Client will offer to Quit in one minute

  Remote Client

Big Business Professional Edition and higher support Remote Clients. Instead of using screen sharing or using remote desktop, you can run your Big Busines Client remotely.

Big Business Server has built-in features for encryption and file sharing. Connect your Big Business Client and security and document sharing are enabled without using VPN.

To allow a Remote Client to connect, your company needs to enable network access. You will be given an Internet Address to connect to from Custom tab in your Client.

  Search & Select

Search & Select helps connect Client by trying both a search and a remembered Server.

Search lets a newly installed Big Business Client search locally for Big Business Server. Select remembers the address of a Server and tries it next, twice. This covers the bases.

This is the default setting for Remember Server and the best overall choice for success. To optimize for Remote Client, Wireless Networks, or Remote Server, see the options.

  Select Only

Select is the Remember Server setting that lets your Client instantly select your Server.

This skips the default Search & Select that searches your local network for 10 seconds. Instead, your Big Business Client immediately selects the Server that it used last time.