Record Locking for Data Protection

Big Business 8 adds new features for data integrity:
• Locking related POs and Bills (8.7)
• Locking related Invoices and Receipts (8.6)

In earlier versions of Big Business it is possible to create errors by editing multiple records at the same time, such as editing related POs and Bills at the same time to create a discrepancy in Purchase Order Status or a Qty Open.

This Solution describes these features. (6295)

The yellow Lock Icon indicates a record is In Use by another User. This may mean the User is using the same record or a related record, such as:
• editing the PO for a Bill
• editing another Bill for the same PO

This feature prevents changing related records at the same time.

Click the yellow Lock Icon to identify the User or Workstation locking the record. Close the record and open it again at a later time to see if is unlocked.