Chapter 9 Accounting

Big Business simplifies your accounting by letting you choose Categories as defaults to be used automatically for your Customers, Items, Vendors, Banking, or Stores.

For example, you can have Sales Income for products you sell and Service Income for your services. Or, have Retail Income or Wholesale Income, determined by customer.

You must have defaults, to start, and you can simply use these a

  Accounting Toolbar

The Accounting Toolbar is reorganized to show Accounts and Categories, together.

Account Card and Accounts Search
General Journal and Journals Search
Category Card and Categories Search
Postings Search
Accounting Preferences

  Account Card

Use the Account Card tool to enter information for new or existing accounts.

The Account Card can access all accounts, including:
- Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable - for posting Customer or Vendor balances.
- Bank Accounts - record Bank Transactions to reconcile and Postings for accounting
- Categories - used to organize Income and Expense and other postings
- Inventory - for posting Total

  Accounts Search

Use the Accounts tool to find and manage accounts.

Most Accounts have a time sensitive Balance that you would review on a financial report such as the Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss Statement to show accurate results.

  General Journal

Use the Journal tool to create new general journal entries.

  Journals Search

Use the Journals tool to find and manage general journals.

  Category Card

Use the Category Card tool to manage accounts used as Categories.

  Postings Search

Use the Postings tool to find and manage postings.

  Category Preferences

Use the Cat Prefs tool to set defaults for Categories.



  Using Budgets in Big Business

Big Business has built in Budgeting and Budget Reporting with the following features:

-Establish Budgets by Category by Period (Categories are all Accounts except Special Status Accounts: A/P, A/R, Bank Accounts, Inventory, Current Year Earnings, and Retained Earnings)

-Import Budgets

-Report Budgeted vs. Actual for a range of periods for a selection of Categories (3056)

  Modifying Beginning Balances After Setup

This document describes the process to adjust the balance for accounts after SetUp is complete.

The account balances entered during the SetUp are stored in a General Journal entry. This General Journal #0 will be given the data you specified during SetUp and is locked and cannot be adjusted once you have completed the SetUp Checklist. It is locked because of the complexity of