Using Budgets in Big Business

Big Business has built in Budgeting and Budget Reporting with the following features:

-Establish Budgets by Category by Period (Categories are all Accounts except Special Status Accounts: A/P, A/R, Bank Accounts, Inventory, Current Year Earnings, and Retained Earnings)

-Import Budgets

-Report Budgeted vs. Actual for a range of periods for a selection of Categories (3056)

Use the Category Card on the Category toolbar for manually inputting Budget Amounts.

Use the Category Group field on the Category Card to create groups of Categories to simplify reporting. Use the QuickChange tool on the Category QuickSearch to assign Category Groups to a set of Categories.

Use the Report tool on the InfoCenter toolbar (or from the File menu) to run a Budget Report. Switch to the Bookkeeper Reports and select Budget Report. In the first dialog, specify the Categories to be included in the Report (e.g. All, or “Category Type is Expense”)

Use the Import tool on the Maintenance toolbar to import a tab-delimited text file saved from a spreadsheet. Using an Export from the Category Search gives you a head start on this operation by creating a spreadsheet with correct Account Codes. Use the QuickSearch to narrow your export to desired Accounts (i.e. Expense Accounts only using an "Account Type Is Expense" search). Excel's powerful AutoFill options (i.e. you can readily turn the column heading "Period 1" into column headings "Period 1, Period 2, etc.") may be useful for creating your import spreadsheet.


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