Sales Taxes

Big Business 8.7 simplifies Sales Taxes, making it easy to calculate and track taxes where different rates apply to different items, such as food and non-food, or different rates apply for different amounts.

This Solution describes the settings for Sales Taxes. (6299)

  Tax Status

Tax Status has been added to the Contact card to automate Sales Tax changes when switching Addresses.

This Solution describes the settings for Sales Taxes. (6725)

  Chapter 77 Sales Taxes

Big Business provides an array of sales tax features and options including:
• Customer Tax Status - to automatically calculate, or exempt, each customer
• Contact Tax Status - to automatically calculate, or exempt, each Ship-To for customers with multiple locations
• TaxJar Lookup - to automatically look up each shipping address with TaxJar
• Custom Lookup - to automatically look up each shipp

  Sales Taxes Search

Sales Taxes Search is a new tool on the Reporting toolbar. Use it to Find and Update your Tax Statuses. For example, find the entries for a state and mark them Inactive when they are being replaced by address lookup.

  Taxes Changes

Sales Tax features are being reviewed and updated as the sales tax landscape is changing from where you have a physical presence to include where you have substantial sales–economic nexus.

This Solution lists current features and can be used as a starting point. (6827)

  Exemption Type

Tax Exempt makes it simple to override tax calculations for tax-exempt customers.

This Solution provides details. (6855)

  Non-Nexus Tax

Non-Nexus Tax lets you select the Tax Status to be automatically assigned when shipping to States not included in your Nexus States list.

This Solution provides details. (6923)

  Lock Taxable

Lock Taxable blocks users from change Taxable and Exempt settings on Customers, Contacts, Items, Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

This Solution provides details. (6959)

  Unlock Taxable

Unlock Taxable lets you set select users who can access Taxable and Exempt settings when Lock Taxable is enabled.

This Solution provides details. (6960)

  Tax Status of a Line Item

Big Business will automatically calculate the Sales Tax for a Line Item if the following conditions are met:
-the Tax Status is properly defined with a Category and a calculation
-the Customer for the transaction has a Tax Status assigned
-the Taxable checkbox on the Item Card is checked

This works for most situations because if one criterion is not met, tax is not calculated for the Line Item.

  Defining Complex Sales Taxes

Defining Complex Sales Taxes
Big Business supports VAT (Value Added Tax) and other complex sales tax structures. You can define and use sales tax rates that combine multiple individual taxes—local, provincial, and federal, for example. If you choose the Calculate First option for a tax, other taxes are calculated to include it.

To define complex sales tax structures:
1. Choose Show List from the

  Defining Complex Sales Tax

This Solution describes how to set up and collect complicated taxes, such as value added tax. (VAT) or compound taxes. You can set up taxes so that they incorporate various local and provincial taxes. (5173)