Chapter 305 Refunds

Big Business keeps past functions and adds new so you may choose when to adopt new options. This chapter covers techniques and tools for giving a customer a refund.

You can create an Invoice with a negative Qty for a merchandise return. And you can create a negative Payment for credit card refund to include in your next Deposit.

Or you can use the Refund tool, which is a Check Run tool for aut

  Select Refunds

Refund is a check run tool for issuing refunds against credit invoices and unapplied payments. The dialog to select items to refund has been updated, as pictured. A combined list of Invoices with a negative balance and Payments with an unapplied balance lets you select with a click on each row or using the Select button in the upper left to Select All or Select Through a date.

  Refund Changes

Refunds are getting improvements to simplify their use:
• Refund appers in Customer toolbar
• Refundee appears on Contact window
• Role Name appears in Contacts, Add Columns

This Solution will provide details. (6819)

  Giving a Refund Back to a Customer

This document outlines a procedure for generating a refund for a customer who has returned items. (5172, 30123)

  Refund Refundee

Refund Refundee lets you set a payee for refund checks when different than Customer Bill-To.