Curl Error

Big Business 13.34 consolidates errors from Curl for internet connections. (7373)

  Chapter 12 Connect

This chapter describes Connect tools and features, which are found in System toolbar and tools. There are many tools in Big Business to connect to external systems and exchange data. This chapter give you an overview, so you will know where to go for the tools you need, when you need them. (6863)

  Connect Settings

Connect Settings let you set up connections to services like ecommerce, credit card processing, or most Any API.

This Solution provides details. (6852)

  Connect Tools

Connect Tools make it easy to connect and share data with systems that handle shipping, payments, ecommerce, sales tax, and more. (6864)

  Connected Stores

Since Covid we suddenly have twice as many connected stores. If we ever seemed to prefer Shopify for B2C (retail) and BigCommerce for B2B (wholesale), it is now clear that anything goes (except Volusion). Big Business works with Magento, WooCommerce, and now Ecwid, too. Pricing is the same for any of the above--or anything new--for an instant-on connection to get Customers and Orders flowing from your online store(s).


  Connect Toolbar

Big Business 13 adds the Connect Toolbar to make room for the many mapping tools used to connect to services like Shopify, TaxJar, and so on.