Chapter 12 Connect

This chapter describes Connect tools and features, which are found in System toolbar and tools. There are many tools in Big Business to connect to external systems and exchange data. This chapter give you an overview, so you will know where to go for the tools you need, when you need them. (6863)

Connect tools make it easy to connect and share data with systems that handle shipping, payments, ecommerce, sales tax, and more. Setup is not difficult and is generally divided into three steps:
• Registration
• Settings
• Mappings

Connect tools are fully customizable, so there are many choices to make. To start, use basic settings to see how it works. Then revise your settings to get the results you want. Support includes unlimited setup help, and we are happy to connect and configure for you.

Registration is the first step. This turns on the Connect tool and may add new buttons, boxes, etc where needed. In Trial mode it will also show an alert on startup. To register, you will need a Code from This let us check for conflicts and send the right instructions, before you turn on. Go to the Company card, click Upgrade and the button for the tool, enter the Reg. Code and save.

Next is Settings, where you enter credentials the Connect tool needs such as a Key or Password. Open the Company card again and go to the Company Prefs tab and click the on the Settings button for the Connect tool you want. Enter the appropriate settings. Choose Automatic for mappings to start and create your own as needed.

For Mappings, go to the Connect tool you want on the System toolbar. Select a Mapping from the list and make changes as needed. Then click Save As... in the lower right and save your new Mapping with a descriptive name ("OrdersFromWebStore"). Click Cancel to skip importing, or click OK and Import Now to import.

You can return to Settings in the Company Prefs tab of Company card to select your new Mappings and turn on Auto-Import when settings are complete.


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  Chapter 12 Connect

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