Credit Limit

Shopify Connect automatically connects Big Business to your Shopify store. Fully automatic and fully customizable, Shopify Connect lets you get new customers and orders as they come in, or in batches when you are ready to process.

Big Business 12.18 fixes Import Customers, used by Shopify Connect and other modules that "import" customers, to set the Default Credit Limit. This may help you manage risk for chargeback.

This Solution provides details. (7035)

Shopify Connect is simple. It works like an Import to automatically create new customers and orders. It is fast, connecting to your store to retrieve new orders in an instant. And it is flexible, running by itself, or only when needed with a few clicks.

Shopify customers that are new can be automatically imported into Big Business. This process now sets their Credit Limit using the Default Credit Limit found in Customer Prefs.


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