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Big Business 11.20 allows systems for EDI to post back transaction updates, which automatically update the Sent Checkbox. You can view the Sent Checkbox in Invoices Search, to see which have been sent, and on the Shipping tab of the Invoice where shipment information will show details.

This solution provides details. (6889)

To view the Sent Checkbox in the Invoice Search, find some invoices, click Add (+) on the header row and select Sent (near the bottom). This will add the Sent Checkbox as a column.

Big Business 11.20 updates Middleware to include return fields for EDI including:
• EDI_Reference
• EDI_Date
• EDI_Time

To use these insert a new Record in the ShipInfo table in Middleware, and be sure to put in an Invoice Number that you want updated.

Filling in any of these fields will the set the EDI Checkbox, so you know the invoice has been sent via EDI, and can search for these in Invoices Search.

These fields also create an entry in Shipment Information with a description including "Sent EDI" and the Date and Reference information posted.


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