Currencies Fixes

The Multi-Currency Add-On is an additional module for Big Business that supports transactions in foreign currencies.

Big Business 10.22 and Big Business 11.2 fix a problem with the auto-correction that occurs when a Discount is added and an Applied amount needs to be changed, which causes a discrepancy between Balance on the Customer card and what is reported on an Accounts Receivable Aging.

This Solution detail fixes and troubleshooting tips. (6743)

To fix a Payment where the Applied amount has been corrected, re-enter the Discount amount and re-enter the Applied amount.

This invoice for €7.50 is getting a Discount of €2.96 but already has an Applied amount of €7.50, so Big Business is correcting this to €4.54. In earlier versions, Big Business does not change the native currency Applied amount, which can then appear on a back-dated Aging. If you type in the Applied amount, €4.54 this will correct the native currency Applied amount.


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