Runtime Error

Early Builds of Big Business 10.7 for macOS Sierra and Windows 10 Anniversary can generate a runtime error if Unit of Measure is turned Off. It says, "Error when executing the method "UoM_CheckLI" at line number 38".

Download the latest release, or as immediate workaround turn On the Unit of Measure feature as described here. (6615)

You can turn On the Unit of Measure feature and then Hide it:

1. Go to Item Prefs and click Unit of Measure
2. For New Line Item Unit of Measure choose Show List and add an entry for each ("EA" or "ea") and click OK
3. Click OK to save Item Prefs
4. Go to the System toolbar to Company to the Settings tab
5. For Unit of Measure Prefs choose Hide
6. Click OK to save Company Settings


Unit of Measure Setup