Units on Transactions

Big Business includes options for Units of Measure, including:
• abbreviations for units of measure
• counts for each item's units of measure
• conversion of prices and quantities

This Solution describes entering Transactions. (6593)

Unit of Measure features include the following changes:

• Unit of Measure fields are included the Item Card and can be assigned Abbreviations ("cs", "pk") and Counts (144, 12) for the Item.

• Unit of Measure fields on the Item Card can be updated manually, using Imports, or using Searches (clicking the Apply button to change many at once).

• Transactions include Units fields on the first tab (Quote, Order, Invoice, PO, and Bill) only. Other tabs do not include Units field, so you can see the regular Qty and Unit Price in comparison to Qty On Hand or Unit Cost.

• Transactions automatically set new Line Item's Units to Each ("ea").

• Typing a new Unit of Measure ("cs") will use the Item's Count (144) and update the UoM Price ($6.95 x 144 = $1000.80).


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