Removing MySQL on Windows

MySQL is a popular database platform with connectivity options for many programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Python, TCL, C, Java etc. This means you can easily access this data from a variety of applications written in a variety of programming languages.

The Middleware Add-On is an option that allow Big Business Server to synchronize data with an external data source (MySQL) where it can be more readily accessed, repurposed, and manipulated. This Solution describes removing MySQL for Windows. (6576)

To remove MySQL:
1. Use the Control Panel, Program Features, Uninstall A Program
2. Select MySQL and click Uninstall
3. Follow the prompts to allow changes and restart the computer if needed

This should completely remove MySQL.

If Uninstall is not complete, here are addtional steps to manually remove.

To manually delete MySQL files:
1. Delete contents in C:\Program Files\MySQL
2. Delete contents in C:\ProgramData\MySQL

To manually delete MySQL Service:
1. Use the Control Panel, Services
2. Right-click the MySQL Service and get Properties
3. Get the exact Service Name listed on the General tab (MySQL)
4. Start Command Prompt with Adminsitrator rights (click Start and type, "cmd" and Shift-Ctrl-Enter)
5. Type, "sc delete MySQL" where MySQL is the exact name of the service, and Enter


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