Assessing Finance Charges

Assessing Finance Charges (6465, 30120)

Big Business keeps track of overdue customer payments so that you can assess finance charges when appropriate. When you click the Finance Charges tool, you see a window listing all the customers who have past-due balances and whose terms include finance charges. (See "Setting Customer Terms," earlier in this chapter, for information about setting finance charges for customers.)

To assess finance charges:
1. Click the Finance Charges tool in the Customer toolbar.
2. Select the customers you want to assess charges.
3. Click the OK button to produce a list of finance charges.
4. In the list window, adjust the finance charge amounts if necessary.
5. Click the OK button in the list window to prepare invoices with the finance charges.

When you click the OK button in the Finance Charges window, the selected finance charges are entered into a list where you can adjust the amounts if necessary. Clicking the button in the list window converts the finance charges into invoices for the appropriate customers. See "Working with Invoices," earlier in this chapter, for information about invoices.