Editing QuickPop Lists

Editing QuickPop Lists (6369)

You can add, edit, and remove entries in QuickPop lists. You make changes to the list in a dialog box that is displayed by choosing the Show List option. This same dialog box appears automatically if what you type in a predefined field doesn't match an item in the list for that field.

Similar lists are used in some other contexts?to maintain tag lists, for example. You make changes the same way. See "Assigning Tags," later in this chapter for information about tags.

If you remove or edit an item in a QuickPop list, Big Business asks if you want to make the change to the item wherever it appears or just in the list.

To revise an entry in a QuickPop list:
1. Choose Show List from a QuickPop list.
2. In the dialog box that appears, select an item in the list and click the button.
A dialog box containing the text of the entry appears.
3. Revise the entry as necessary, then click the button to place the revised item in the list.
4. Choose the item in the list, then click the Select button. The revised item is placed in the QuickPop field you started from.