To Understand the Structure of Big Business

To Understand the Structure of Big Business (6346)

When you hold the mouse pointer over a tool in the toolbar, a descriptive label
appears. When you click a tool, a window appears.

Every window in Big Business is unique because it is designed for a specific purpose. Some windows are used to enter and store information about a particular subject--customers or vendors, for example. Other windows are used to enter transactions. For example, clicking the Invoice tool in the Customer toolbar opens a window where you produce customer invoices.
In some windows, you can click tabs to see different aspects of the information contained in the window.
For example, in a Customer Card, you can see basic information about a customer company, view a list of all transactions involving this customer, and keep track of notes and documents relating to the customer.

It's important to keep in mind all the information in Big Business is part of the same database, even though you enter it in different windows accessed through different toolbars. Information that you enter in one window may appear in many places. For example, when you enter a product or service into an Item Card, that information is used in quotes, sales orders, and invoices opened from the Customer toolbar as well as purchase orders and bills opened from the Vendor toolbar.


Using Toolbars