Understanding the Structure of Big Business

Understanding the Structure of Big Business (6345)

To make it fast and easy to find the right features for the tasks you need to accomplish, the Big Business user interface is organized according to related business functions. Each group of related functions has its own toolbar, which you use to access tasks and information concerning a single aspect of your business.

There are eleven toolbars: MyDesk, Customer, Vendor, Item, Banking, Note, Info Center, Employee, Category, Bookkeeper, and Maintenance. For example, the Customer toolbar contains the features you use to keep track of and interact with customers. The Banking toolbar contains the features you use with your bank accounts.

The MyDesk toolbar is an exception--it contains features from other toolbars that you group together for convenience.

Each toolbar has a number of features:
• The toolbar icon represents the related group of business functions.
• The toolbar selector allows you to change toolbars.
• The selection of tools changes as you move from toolbar to toolbar. You click tools to access the windows used to perform tasks or view information.
• A distinctive color stripe, which also appears in windows associated with the toolbar.

The figure below illustrates the Customer toolbar.


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