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Signing In (6341)

You start Big Business like any most programs, usually by double-clicking its icon. Unlike most programs, however, Big Business has security provisions that determine who can use the program and what features they can use.

The way that security is implemented at your company can vary. In some cases, all employees may have access to all features. In other cases, access to certain features may be limited. For example, access to bookkeeping features may be limited to those in the accounting department. The Big Business security system is based on passwords, which are assigned by an administrator.

The first time someone signs in, no users or passwords have been entered. However, a predefined user called Administrator is included automatically with Big Business. You can sign in as the Administrator to begin working with Big Business. The Administrator has access to all features, but no password. If security is an issue in your business, some of your first tasks should be assigning passwords and access privileges to the employees who will use Big Business.

Normally, users can sign in by selecting their name from a list in the sign-in dialog box. However, the Administrator can disable this feature for security reasons.


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