Shipping: Fields for Writing Ship Info (new for 8.7)

This feature is part of the Shipping Add-On, which is an additional module that enables ODBC-capable programs, such as FedEx Ship Manager or UPS WorldShip, to retrieve data from Big Business Server and to write data back.

This Solution describes using Fields available in the SHIPINFO table for writing data to Big Business Server. (6297)

When using the Shipping Add-On to import shipment information from Big Business Server, you can also have the shipping system automatically update Big Business with Shipment Infomation. Here are descriptions of new Fields added to the SHIPINFO table for Big Business 8.7.

Invoice_Number - finds an Invoice to be updated. Links to Invoice's Sales Order.

Invoice_AddPrintedCmts - adds to the Printed Comments on the Invoice.
Map Tracking, ETD, etc. to appear on a printed invoice.

Invoice_AddPrivateCmts - adds to the Private Comments on the Invoice.
Map Charges, etc., for reference when invoicing.

InvUID - for linking to the Invoice; Do not map to this field.

SO_DropDate - replace the Drop Date on the Sales Order.
Works with SO_Number or Invoice_Number.

Cust_UDDate -replace the Custom Date on the Customer Card.
See Customer Prefs,Custom Field Labels, D for User-Defined-Date.

Cust_ReplaceCmt - replace the Comment on the Customer Card.


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