Shipping: Tracking

This feature is part of the Shipping Add-On, which is an additional module that enables ODBC-capable programs, such as FedEx Ship Manager or UPS WorldShip, to retrieve data from Big Business Server and to write data back.

This Solution describes using the Tracking option that is designed for integration with a shipping solutions and added in Big Business 6.0.7. (6073)

When using the Shipping Add-On to import shipment information from Big Business Server, you can also have the shipping system automatically update the Sales Order with Shipment Infomation.

To Track a Shipment:

1. Click the pulldown in the ShipmentID/TrackingNumber column for the Shipment you want to track.

2. Select Copy if you want to Copy the Tracking Number to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

3. Select UPS Tracking to track a UPS shipment (tracking number begins with 1Z).

4. Select FedEx Tracking to track a FedEx shipment (12 digit number).

Selecting a Tracking option will send open your default browser and, if you are connected to the Internet, display the results.


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