Introduction to the Shipping Add-On

The Shipping Add-On is an additional module that enables ODBC-capable programs, such as Excel or UPS WorldShip, to retrieve data from Big Business Server. (5989)

Big Business Server supports ODBC requests using a custom Driver that runs on Windows workstations. ODBC is Microsoft's Open DataBase Connectivity that is supported in progams such Access, Excel, and more. Using the ODBC Driver another program can retrieve data from Big Business Server for Mac OS X or Windows.

Get data from Big Business Server into your Windows programs:
• get live inventory information for an online store automatically
• get data for analysis in a spreadsheet or database automatically
• get address and shipment information to process shipments automatically

With ODBC and UPS, you can:
• tell Big Business to Load Addresses into the Sales Order
• tell UPS WorldShip to look up the Sales Order and get the shipping information
• tell UPS WorldShip to update the Sales Order with the tracking number, charges, and any comments, when the shipment is complete
The ODBC Add-On is a complete solution, including: the Driver, setup support, and help identifying the data you want to retrieve.

Writing data back to Big Business Server is supported only in select circumstances, such as the popular need to record shipping charges and tracking numbers.


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