Shipping: Load Addresses

This feature is for use with the Shipping Add-On that enables shipping programs like UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager to read addresses from Big Business and write back shipment information like Tracking numbers.

Big Business 9.9 updates Ship Info posted to Orders to also display on Invoices.

This Solution describes the Load Addresses preference. (5985)

When using the Shipping Add-On to import shipment information from Big Business Server, it simplifies the import and streamlines the workflow to have the recipient's address and contact information copied into the Sales Order, where it can be read along with the other details of the order.

Load Addresses adds discrete fields for the shipping information (e.g. City, State, Zip) to the Sales Order and automatically fills them in from the selected Customer Card or when choosing an alternate Ship To address, from the chosen Contact Card. New dialogs for choosing a Ship To address allow you to create New or Edit Contact Cards linked to the selected Customer.

Load Addresses also adds an additional tab to the Sales Order that displays Shipment Information (e.g. Tracking Number, Charges, etc.) posted from the shipping program back to Big Business Server, and provides the shipping information fields for entering an address directly.

To Enable the Load Addresses functions:
1. Go to the Customer toolbar.
2. Open the Customer Prefs.
3. Click the Load Addresses checkbox.
4. Save the Customer Prefs by clicking OK.


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