Shipping: Registering

This feature is part of the Shipping Add-On, which is an additional module that enables ODBC-capable programs, such as Excel or UPS WorldShip, to retrieve data from Big Business Server.

This Solution describes Registering the Shipping Add-On, permanently or in Trial Mode, with your existing data file or the Demo Data File. (5972)

A Trial Code starts a 30-day trial:

The first step in connecting to Big Business Server from an ODBC-capable program is Registering. This process includes assigning a Name and Password that protect your data from unauthorized access.

To Register the ODBC Add-On:
1. Go to the Maintenance toolbar, to the Company Card, and click the Upgrade button.
2. Click the ODBC button and the Registration dialog, pictured, will open.
3. Enter a Name and Password to protect your data from unauthorized access.
4. Contact Big Business Support for a Registration Code for your data file.
5. Enter the Registration code received, or, 198, for the Demo File.
6. Click Continue.
7. Click OK on the Confirmation dialog
8. Click OK to Save the Company Card.
9. Quit and restart Big Business Server.

You can assign a new Name and Password by repeating this process.

You can unregister and disable ODBC access by repeating the procedure and entering zero (0) for the Registration. Trial Mode can be enabled one time only.


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