Shipping: UPS Create Import/Export Map

UPS WorldShip can use ODBC to get addresses from Big Business and put back Tracking.

This Solution describes creating an Import or Export Map. (5960)

After enabling ODBC for Big Business and creating a System DSN for the UPS workstation, in WorldShip create a new Map:
1. Import/Export Data menu, Create/Edit Map
2. Select Create a New Map for Import and click Next.
3. Select Address for Import Data Types and Ship To for Address Books and click Next.
4. Select By Known ODBC Source and choose the System DSN created previously (BB) in ODBC Sources.
5. Enter the user name for ID and the password for Password and click Next.
6. Select New Map and enter a name (bb_addresses) for New Map Name and click Next.
7. Click Finish to proceed to the Connection Editor.
8. Select a Big Business table on the left like CUST for the Customer table, VEN for Vendors, or CONTACT for Contacts.
9. Highlight a Field on the left, like Code, for Customer Code.
10. Highlight a Field on the right, like Customer ID.
11. Click Connect to link them, and repeat from Step 9, as pictured.
12. Click on the Code - Customer ID entry and click Define Key.
13. Click OK to save.
14. Click Yes to proceed with a Batch Import and select available options to overwrite, cull duplicates, and so on.

You can repeat the import at a future time by choosing Batch Import... from the UPS Online Connect menu and choosing the named import (bb_addresses) and duplicate checking options you want for updating.


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