Multi-Currency: Creating a Purchase Order

This feature is part of the Multi-Currency Add-On, which is an additional module for Big Business that supports transactions in foreign currencies.

This Solution describes Creating a Purchase Order in a foreign currency. (5956)

A Foreign Currency Vendor loads its Currency and amounts display in Color:

To Create a Foreign Currency Purchase Order:
1. Create a Purchase Order as usual, but selecting a Foreign Currency Vendor.
2. Verify that the Vendor's Currency is correct on the Line Items header.
3. Update the Exchange Rate if needed.
4. Verify the Display checkbox is checked and amounts in the Cost, Ext. Cost, and totals display in the Color selected for the Foreign Currency.
5. Add Line Items as you normally would, and with the Display checkbox checked, enter Cost, Other Charges, and so on, in Foreign Currency amounts.

If you enter a new Foreign Currency Cost, a prompt will ask, "Would you like to update the cost on the Item Card?". Choosing, Yes, will update the Foreign Cost listed on the Item Card History so it can be used automatically in the future. This update will not disturb your regular, native currency, Cost.

You can uncheck the Display checkbox to view the amounts in your native currency. Changes to amounts or the Exchange Rate should be only be made when the Display checkbox is checked. Edits made when the checkbox is not checked do not update Foreign Currency amounts (5.0.9).

To Print a Foreign Currency Purchase Order, you must create a Custom Form.


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