Connecting to Remote Server

When you launch Big Business Client it looks for Big Business Server locally.

This Solution provides instructions for connecting to Big Business Server remotely.

You can use Big Business Client across any open TCP/IP connection. Usability varies with the speed of the connection (500Kbs or higher recommended). (5590)

Enter any name and the address of the remote server...

To connect to a Big Business Server outside of your local network:
1. Launch Big Business Client, then quickly hold the Alt key (Option on Mac).
2. On the Connection dialog, click the Custom tab.
3. Enter any Name and the Server's IP address (or the outside address at the Server location that is being forwarded to an internal address).
4. Click the OK button to connect.
5. Wait while resource files are copied from the server, which may be several minutes.

If the connection fails:
6. Check network settings.
7. Check with your network administrator that Ports 19813 and 19814 are open if a firewall is in place.

If performance is too slow:
8. Verify the connection speed on both ends. Most important are the downstream speed on the remote end (500Kb/s for low-cost ADSL/Cable), and the upstream speed on the Server end (384Kb/s for entry-level Business DSL).
9. Consider "remote control" using PCAnywhere, TimbuktuPro, VNC, Remote Desktop, etc. if connection speeds are too low.


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