Q&A: Why Can't I Delete Employee Cards?

"Why can't I delete Employee Cards?"

Deleting Employee Cards seems the logical solution to removing former Employees from the Sign In Popup. However, if the Employee is listed as a Salesperson on a Customer transaction, or has Imported Payroll records, the Employee Card cannot be deleted. (3532)

As a rule in Big Business, you cannot delete records as long as there are related records. For example, a Customer Card with related Invoices, cannot be deleted until the Invoices are removed (they refer to the Customer Card). Once the Invoices are Consolidated (condensing old transactions into accounting entries) the Customer can be deleted (automatically as part of the Consolidate process, or manually once the Invoices are gone).

Similarly, an Employee record cannot be deleted unless there are NO related records (e.g. Invoices listing the Employee as Salesperson, Payroll Imports, etc.).

The options to consider are:

• Modify the password, to prevent Sign In under this name
• Change the information on the employee record (replace the name)

If you open the Employee Record and click the Delete button and receive the message, "This record cannot be deleted because there is activity which has not been archived," there are related records which prevent the deletion of the Employee Card.


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