Find Your Data File

When setting up a backup procedure, upgrading, or updating from an earlier version of Big Business, you will need to find your Data File. This Solution provides a few suggestions. (3339)

Use the Find File command to locate all Big Business files:

All of the data you enter into Big Business, Preferences, Custom Forms, and more, are stored in your Data File.

To Find your Data File:

• On the Big Business Server Administration Window go to the Application tab
• In Big Business (1-User) for Windows go to the Help menu to About Big Business.
• In Big Business (1-User) for Mac OS X go to the Big Business menu to About Big Business.
• In Windows search for "*.4dd". On the Mac use the search pictured below.
• Your Data File is the BIG one. It might be 10MB or 10GB.
• Your Data File probably has the most recent Last Modified date.


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