Bank Reconciliation Procedure

This Solution provides instructions for using new features in the Bank Reconciliation. (3294)

Big Business 2.5 improves several of the options in a Bank Reconciliation. The procedures which follow include new functionality, new options for saving an in-progress reconciliation to add transactions, and overriding the default Beginning Balance for a new reconciliation.

To create a new Bank Reconciliation:
1. From the Banking toolbar, select the Bank Reconciliation tool.
2. Enter the desired date, and select the Bank Account to be reconciled.
The first Bank Reconciliation for an Account will prompt you for a Beginning Balance, which should be zero. Subsequent reconciliations use the ending balance of the previous reconciliation as their beginning balance. To override this default, hold down the Command Key Set (Shift-Control-Alt on the PC, Shift-Option-Command on the Mac) while selecting the Account to reconcile.
3. Enter any Bank Fees, Interest Earned, and the Ending Balance.
4. Click once on each cleared transaction, or using the Selection tool in the upper left corner choose: Select All, Select Through Date, or Deselect All.
Your Bank Reconciliation is complete when the calculated Difference is zero.
5. Click the OK button to save.


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