Shipping Connect

Big Business Pro lets you connect shipping systems like UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager, or we connect them for you, via ODBC, to get Addresses and Tracking.

This takes about 30 minutes to set up and works from Big Business Server for macOS and Big Business Server for Windows to connect your ship stations running Windows.

This is tailored to your workflow, to add Addresses on the fly, to ship from Orders or Invoices, and to copy back Tracking to Big Business for lookup, printing, notification.

  BigBusiness Extras

BigBusiness Extras help you build a new Data File, which is easiest using Single-User.

Single-User is Big Business for one computer, only, for testing, evaluation, or solo use.
Mac Single-User on Downloads includes a BigBusiness Extras folder with starter files.

Once you have built a new Data File, you might copy it to Server and connect Clients, for multi-user access, or continue running in Big Business Single User for just one Mac.

  Version Numbers

Version Numbers in Big Business 14 will take a new path with 14.100 following 14.99.

  Hide Customer Forms

Hide Customer Forms lets you turn on Customer Forms and then hide from non-users.

Customer Forms let you preset the Print Options for Quote, Order, Invoice, Receipt, and Statement, on the Customer card so they work with automated tasks you enable.

If you manage many Employees in Big Business you can use the Employees Search to find, select, and Update many at once to Hide Customer Forms to prevent any misuse.

  Using Currencies

Using Currencies in Big Business, it is easy to select for foreign currency and printing.

Currencies requires Professional Edition for licensing, and setup to add Accounts for Payables (A/P), Receivables (A/R), Exchange, and Foreign Exchange (FX) Gain/Loss.

You may then enter Customers and Vendors and their transactions in foreign currency, to print easily, and automatically account for currency rates changing before payment.