Automation Access

Automation Access lets you allow an Employee to use automation controls and tools.

  BigCommerce Auto-Create

BigCommerce Auto-Create lets you set Update Products on Auto-Create to create new Products in BigCommerce when you use the Upload option in Items Search.

Link-Only assumes your catalog is perfect and you just need to link Items to update. BigBusiness can set pricing and inventory on BigCommerce the minute it changes.

Auto-Create assumes you want to create new Products in BigCommerce for Items, too. Click Upload on Items and existing will be linked and new be added as possible.

  Chapter 73 BigCommerce II

BigCommerce Connect II lets you extends your connection to BigCommerce as needed.

BigCommerce Connect help you automate online order processing by automatically bringing in customers and orders, in real time or in batches, to fulfill in BigBusiness.

BigCommerce II extends your connection with options to upload items, update prices, update inventory levels, and any custom options you might need for B2B and beyond.