Curl Error

Curl Error helps you solve service connection errors by showing the error from cURL. Curl is a data transfer tool that BigBusiness uses to connect to a service and get data.

Curl Errors are just a number, like 67, meaning Access Denied (see below). In an Alert you would see, "Module_Name: 67" and know your name or password is not working.

Email to including Module_Name and Curl Error Number if you need any help. Most errors are temporary internet connection issues that resolve.

28 - Operation Timed Out
33 - SSL Connect Error
60 - Peer Failed Verification
67 - Access Denied
78 - Remote File Not Found

  Ecommerce Timeouts

Ecommerce Timeouts have been updated to avoid delays when service is unresponsive.

  Chapter 242 Live Archive

Live Archive is in development to provide options for storing very large attached files and very large numbers of attachments or secondary records in a second, live database.

In practice, Big Business does not require closing of periods, cleanup of data, archiving, or other attempts at optimization, in part because new computers are so fast and easy.

Adding Live Archiving will add many options for saving original files and compressed, keeping histories of documents added as Docs like PDFs, Emails, JSON, and so forth.

  Chapter 143 Folder Admin

Folder Admin helps you automate the import and export of files from an online folder.

Folder Connect is an option in BigBusiness that lets you check online folders for files. We can help you set this up to use FTP or SFTP to get files that are ready to import.

This chapter describes how to manage any problem or make use of additional features. Folder Connect will run problem-free for years but someday you may need this info.

  Folder Auto-Connect

Folder Auto-Connect automates the import and export of files from an online folder.

Folder Connect is the option in BigBusiness that lets you check online folders for files. Auto-Connect is the setting that allows it to run automatically and check for new files.

Go to Company card, Connect Settings tab, Folder button to view your connection(s). Any that have Auto-Connect selected are running--but paused while you view them.

  Folder Filtering

Folder Connect finds the right files for importing from an online folder using File Kind.
It then reads the files to determine if they can be imported using Validation you preset.

For example, if you want CSV files automatically imported, choose .CSV for it to find. This will ignore other files to avoid errors and skip any presorting of your import files.

Folder Connect also lets you set Validation so it can read files, then decide to import. If you put "CustomerID=123" it would read the incoming files to choose only these.

  Folder Connections

Folder Connect lets you have multiple connections to multiple folders for importing.

In Company card, Connect Settings tab, click Folder and you may see multiple listings.
These may connect to the same service but different folders or be for different services.

  Folder Upload

Folder Connect lets you upload export files automatically, such as invoices.

  Folder Test

Folder Connect provides a Test button which shows the file(s) found in a target folder.
Go to Company card, Connect Settings, Folder and choose a connection and click Test.

This test shows one XML file found called PO_12345.xml followed by its size (1963).

If you are checking on an error or delay be sure to Cancel to avoid changes to settings. If Test does not show an error it is connecting and the cause may have resolved itself.