Chapter 242 Live Archive

Live Archive is in development to provide options for storing very large attached files and very large numbers of attachments or secondary records in a second, live database.

In practice, Big Business does not require closing of periods, cleanup of data, archiving, or other attempts at optimization, in part because new computers are so fast and easy.

Adding Live Archiving will add many options for saving original files and compressed, keeping histories of documents added as Docs like PDFs, Emails, JSON, and so forth.

  Live Archive

Live Archive lets you store unlimited data such as pictures, emails, or large documents.

Big Business lets you attach unlimited documents in the Docs folder for every entry. This is handy for keeping a PDF of a PO but also pictures or other large documents.

Optimally, these can be automatically archived to a second database for unlimited data. This lets Big Business optimize data for accounting results and offload referential data.