ShippingEasy Mapping

ShippingEasy Mapping lets you update the entries that are shared with ShippingEasy.

These settings are filled in automatically and used by choosing Automatic in settings. Go to Connect toolbar, ShippingEasy tool to create a mapping, and choose Save As.

Your new mapping can then be chosen in ShippingEasy settings by going to the System toolbar, Company card, Connect Setting tab, and clicking ShippingEasy setup.

  ShippingEasy Registering

This Solution describes Registering ShippingEasy Connect.

To Register ShippingEasy Connect:

1. Go to System toolbar, Company card, and click Upgrade.
2. Click ShippingEasy to open the Registration dialog.
3. Enter your Registration code.
4. Click Continue.
5. Click OK on the Confirmation dialog.
6. Click OK to Save the Company card.
7. Quit and restart Big Business Client.

To register you will need a code from This lets us check for conflicts and send the right instructions before you turn on.

  Networking Toolkit Update

Networking Toolkit helps you connect to online services with speed and high security.

NTK serves many functions in BigBusiness including encryption for Connect options.
Accessing your online store, shipping, sales tax services,... requires speed and security.

NTK was updated for ShippingEasy Connect to leverage new encryption used therein. NTK can be used for any BigBusiness Open Edition project you need encryption for.