Contacts Ship Address 3

Ship Address 3, also called Department in UPS or FedEx, is available on Contact cards.

Contacts Search lets you Add (+) it as a Column, and it is included Export, All Fields. Contact and Update Contact imports also include Ship Address 3/Department to help.

When you enable Load Addresses, Ship To, in the Customer Prefs in order to connect UPS Worldship or FedEx Ship Manager, Ship Address 3 helps deliver your shipment.

  Contacts Role Name

Role Name helps you track who to send Refunds or Email Statements, for automation.

Role is used in custom automations such as using the Refund tool for large check runs. With this set up and Refundee checked, the Contact address is used for refund checks.

This feature can be extended for new automations needing contact information, preset.

  Chapter 39 Auto-Zoom Prefs

Auto-Zoom Prefs help you see better by automatically opening windows larger or not.

Choose Compact to use standard windows for data entry and easily see around them. Choose Auto-Zoom to automatically open data entry windows larger and as resizable.

Auto-Zoom Prefs are available in Company card, Company Prefs, for System Setting, and in My Prefs, User Settings, to use or override the System Setting with your prefs.