Tool Tips

Tool Tips help you get the most from BigBusiness by showing text or a link for a tool.

If you hover over any Toolbar button in BigBusiness this will show a text description. If you turn off Tool Tips by setting My Prefs, Tool Tips, Don't Show, they will not.

Also, if you hover over an Info (i) button in BigBusiness it will turn blue and you can click. If you turned off Tool Tips, Info buttons will be hidden on data-entry screens.

  Client Connection

Client Connection is updated to be quicker and remember your server for each Client.

  Backup Update

Backup Update is an automatic feature to keep the backup settings when you Update.

This feature has changed with new security settings for new operating systems to date.

  Chapter 123 Backup Admin

Backup Admin helps you choose a backup strategy by listing options for backing up.

The basic idea of backing up is having an extra copy of your Data File if you ever need. Built-In Backup is the feature of Big Business Server that makes copies, automatically.

Additionally, you may want to copy these copies to a safe place using another routine. There are many options for copying to another computer, removable drive, or services.