Foreign Currency Customer

Currencies lets you create Customers that use foreign currency with a few extra steps.

Create a Customer and on the History tab click Foreign. Then, choose their Currency. Click the Currency checkbox to display amounts in their currency using a preset color.

Before saving, you must assign the Receivables Category that matches their currency. To add new Currencies and Receivables accounts follow the steps in Currencies Setup.

  Foreign Currency Quote

Currencies lets you create Quotes that use foreign currencies with a few simple steps.

Start a Quote for a Customer that uses a foreign currency, and Big Business will switch to Expanded tab, assign their Currency, and turn on the Currency Display checkbox.

You may complete the quote using foreign currency amounts, or to use your currency, switch to the Quote tab, or the Profit tab, or toggle the Currency Display checkbox.

  Foreign Currency Printing

Currencies lets you print transactions that use foreign currencies using regular forms.

In Print Options, use the pulldown in the Settings column to select the FX-Currency. This will print selected forms in foreign exchange currency amounts including Symbols.

Symbols are set following the steps in Currency Setup to Add/Edit the currency entry in the Company card and assign the color used on-screen and Symbol used in printing.

  Order Auto-Invoice

Order Auto-Invoice is a custom setting that allows Big Business to automatically invoice orders that are Shipped. Choose this setting in advance, or after Shipped.

  Expanded Order Fixes

Big Business 14.100 fixes display issues on Expanded Order that Warehouse fields may show without Warehouses enabled and that Tab Order is incorrect for Currencies.